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90 Days of Summer

This summer we’re working with 12 schools and community sites throughout the county that will serve summer lunches to more than 700 Tulare County children. In addition to the summer lunch program, we’re also committing to disseminate fresh produce at these sites so that the children can take home healthy snacks. We know this program makes a difference and they aren’t possible without your contributions.

Your donation will help us provide nutritious meals for children who might otherwise experience hunger this summer. It’s simple. Your $15 donation can provide a nutritionally balanced summer lunch to one child for a week. Your $60 donation will provide a nutritionally balanced summer lunch to one child for a month. Our 2015 goal is to raise $21,000 to help support this program.

Together we can help keep children's bodies and brains nourished throughout the summer!

Healthy not Hungry, SmartPack Program

90 Days of Summer: Healthy not Hungry. It's hard to be happy about the weekend when you know your next meal is days away. This is Gabby. Friday is not a happy day for Gabby, because she knows that when school is not in session, there's a good chance she may not get to eat. Sadly, Gabby is not alone, approximately one out of three Tulare County children experience hunger.

Make Lunch, Make Change

It's easy! This July join us for our "Make Lunch, Make Change" Challenge. Get you co-workers to pack a lunch for one week. Donate the money you and your colleagues save to FoodLink. All funds raised will provide free healthy meals for children when school is out.

We will be sharing healthy and inspirational lunch recipes on our Facebook page to support your teams effort. We invite you to share your porgress with us so we can highlight your team's commitment to nourish children this summer.

90 Days of Summer: Make Lunch, Make Change


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