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Jobs & Interships

Since 1978, FoodLink has distributed food to front line food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, schools and agency partners who serve people that otherwise are unable to provide adequate food for themselves or their families for over 37 years.

Currently FoodLink has two program areas —Hunger relief services (Emergency Food Pantries, weekend SmartPacks, Summer lunch, Drought Food Relief), and Nutrition Education (Nutrition on the Go, Healthy School Farmer’s market, and Adult Nutrition Education). Our educational programs promote food literacy and bring together Tulare County residents to learn, grow, cook, and eat nutritious and diverse meals. We advocate for good food for all while working with the broader food movement to empower our communities to create a healthier and more secure food system.

Current Jobs

We currrently do not have any open positions.

Job Application

Please submit the application below along with a cover letter and resume to: employment@foodlinktc.org.

Application sumbission deadline is 5pm on January 22.

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